Remember when Canberra was named one of the top cities to visit in 2018? The announcement was met with much shock, not because the Aussie capital isn’t great but because, well, it isn’t the ‘must visit’ city Aussies would’ve chosen.

Now it’s time to raise an eyebrow at the destination named ‘world’s best city’, which isn’t unattractive, it’s just an unexpected leader for the list of ‘world’s best cities’.

Time Out City Life surveyed some 15,000 people in 32 cities on their travel desires for the next 12 months and found the city labelled ‘best’ by the majority was… Chicago.


You have to admit that out of all the cities in the world, Chicago wasn’t the one you were expecting to see named ‘world’s best city’.

According to the survey, Chicago received the title because it was recognised by surveyors as having the best food, drink, culture, friendliness, affordability, happiness and liveability.

Yeah okay, I see it now.


Although it’s the second time the city has been named ‘world’s best city’, voters said they feel somewhat unsafe in the city.

Coming in close behind Chicago as the second best city is Portugal’s coastal city of Porto, which holidaymakers described as most liveable and heartwarming. Porto was followed by the Big Apple, where nightlight and culture continue to capture hearts around the globe and helped the city land third spot on the list.

Australia’s very own Melbourne ranked fourth best city in the world thanks to travellers who said they were happiest there and didn’t feel as though they were going broke because it was an “affordable place to list.

Melbourne was the only Australian city to make the ‘world’s best 20 cities’ list.

Wait, does this mean Victoria’s capital wins the Melbourne v Sydney battle?



Sydney crept in as 24th best city in the world, with tourists saying Bondi was the “most overrated neighbourhood” and they expressed collective disappointment toward’s the city’s nightlife.

Good old lockout laws strike again.


The world’s 10 best cities are 1. Chicago, 2. Porto, 3. New York City, 4. Melbourne, 5. London, 6. Madrid, 7. Manchester, 8. Lisbon, 9. Philadelphia and 10. Barcelona.

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In your opinion, which are the world’s best cities?