Two weeks into the New Year and you’ve already been advised on where to go for the cheapest holiday in 2018, and where travellers are likely to flock to.

There’s been updates on which airlines are the safest to fly with in 2018 and which aren’t, as well as what Travel Agents need to know to increase sales throughout the year.

Now, it’s time to put a magnifying glass over the cruise industry.


The guys over at UK consumer group, Which?, were reported on the Daily Mail as having examined 13 cruise companies and determined that based on their customer service, cabin space, onboard facilities, entertainment and value, the best cruise line to consider cruising with over the next 12 months is… Oceania.

According to the study, the cruise line received an 89 percent customer satisfaction rate among guests due to its vast passenger-to-space ratio as well as its quality of food and spa facilities.

The only thing to remember with an Oceania cruise is that it can come with a hefty price tag, so might need to start saving now!

Oceania Marina

Joining Oceania in the list of cruise lines to sail with in 2018 was P&O Cruises Worldwide with a 71 percent satisfaction rate, and Marella which satisfies 68 percent of its guests.

Although all cruise ships are pretty darn incredible, the study saw Oceania’s sister line, Norwegian Cruise Line, receive the worst rating for 2018 due to long queues for restaurants, bars and entertainment.

Despite this one inconvenience, the cruise line received an impressive 60 percent customer satisfaction rate, and if it’s good enough for Pitbull, it’s good enough for everyone.

Norwegian Jewel 2

Based on KARRYON’s experience with the cruising industry, we think there’s no best or worst cruise lines, just ships that fit different personalities. That’s why it’s so important to speak to a cruising professional to determine which vessel features best suit you and your cruising crew.

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Which cruise lines are you planning to sail with in 2018?