Travelodge Hotels have gotten cosy with Sydney Comedy Festival this year. Not only have they joined forces to create a pop-up comedy club at Travelodge Hotel Sydney but they have also dreamed up a novel mode of transport known as the Ubed.

The Ubed, which picks up festival-goers in Sydney and delivers them to Comedy Festival gigs, is a rickshaw-style bike with a full size bed resting in the back.

Yep. We’re talking a horizontal ride into the city complete with pillow and doona. Naps are encouraged and selfie sticks are provided.

Up-and-coming Australian comedian Becky Lucas will also join passengers for the ride. She will crack a few funnies as a warm up act before the festival.

“Lie-down comedy is basically the new stand-up,” she laughed

“The Ubed is the perfect way to get guests and myself warmed up pre-gig. It’s a hybrid of travel, comedy and comfort – what more could you want.”

Becky Lucas

Sydney Comedy Festival ticketholders can book their Ubed journey here.


Travelodge has also launched a pop-up Monday night Comedy Club during the festival. On Monday KARRYON was lucky enough to check it out for ourselves.

We can attest that it’s a pretty cool way to catch some of the festival’s best acts early in the week.

Sydney Comedy Festival comedians will make special appearances at the hotel on Monday nights from 30 April to 14 May.


Funny people performing throughout at Travelodge Hotel Sydney throughout the festival will include Andrew Maxwell, Al Del Bene, Becky Lucas, David Quirk, Ciaran Lyons and David Smiedt.

Tickets are $20 and can be booked here

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Will you be taking a ‘horizontal ride’ to this year’s Sydney Comedy Festival?