Students from TAFE NSW Sydney Travel and Tourism, were treated to an entertaining lesson about the USA by the infamous Mark Sheehan last night.

WOW – World On Wednesday’s was launched 28 February (yes it was a Wednesday) and was a huge success with a side of fun animation.

From honey lambs to a Yankee doodle, Mark Sheehan truly kept students and the teachers captivated while inspiring everyone on how wonderful the USA really is. Mark passionately shared with the students how WONDERFUL it is to be working in the Travel Industry and of the numerous opportunities.

Who doesn’t love honey lamb.


Mark continued to dazzle us with facts that Australian’s come back to the USA 2.7 times in a lifetime. That is the highest frequency of anyone in the World.

“You Aussies can’t get enough of the USA. 22.9 days is how long you Aussies stay in the US. You get so much leave, and you keep coming back.” 


Mark Sheehan, TAFE teachers & students celebrate the lesson


TAFE NSW will be hosting WOW every second Wednesday with a new industry icon speaking to the students inspiring them about destinations and career opportunities within Travel & Tourism.

Mark Sheehan is a writer, tour diretor and destination specialist who throughout his 40 years in the industry has developed tour guides which are used today by professional tour directors. Mark is an industry expert and true entrepreneur who launched companies such as TrekAmerica, TravMedia International, Insight Vacations, Trafalgar, Destination America and many others.


So much to see and do in the USA.


TAFE NSW will soon announce the next industry icon. Any guesses whom this could be?

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Who would you think to hear speak at an industry event?