When G Adventures launched its ‘UMI in the Islands’ incentive earlier this year, everyone’s face went a little ???? when the tour operator said it would take an uneven number of Travel Agents on a trip to the Galapagos.

Thirteen. They said they’d take 13 Travel Agents.

Not only is that an uneven number, it’s an unlucky one too!


G Adventures detected all the subliminal complaints (because no one verbally complained) and decided to add a 14th spot to the famil.

YAY, one more chance for Travel Agents to WIN! Restart that positive thinking…


The 14th spot was announced last week when the travel brand revealed the names of the first 13 winners, and according to Managing Director, Adrian Piotto, the opportunity to add an extra spot came from all the support the brand received during the incentive period.

The final Travel Agent to win a spot on the famil to the Galapagos will be revealed this week, so keep an eye on KARRYON and/or the UMI Australia/New Zealand Facebook page.

In the meantime, join us in congratulating the 13 consultants confirmed for the Galapagos…


Ashley Goldsmith – Global Work and Travel Co.
Baden Brown – Launceston Travel and Cruise
Dana Brown – Travel Managers Aus
Jake Morris – Echuca Travel
Jamie–Lee West – italktravel Midlands
Jennifer Voelzke – STA Travel Australia
Jos Bauk – Summit Travel
Gerry Tillson – STA Travel Australia
Kayla Kelly – STA Travel NZ
Naomi Zerner – Back Track Adventures
Rebecca Owen – STA Travel Australia
Rebecca Riley – Adventure World NZ
Stephanie Jones – STA Travel Australia

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