Wendy Wu Tours isn’t letting up on its award-winning commitment to Travel Agents, but rather pushing forward with new initiatives and offers designed to help consultants earn more.

According to the tour operator’s local Managing Director, Andrew Mulholland, supporting trade is front of mind for the operator as evident by the many changes rolled out over the past year.

In case you missed some of these advancements, in the last 12 months, Wendy Wu Tours has refreshed its brochures and brand image, rolled out deluxe tours, invested in tailor-made and private tours, and launched an innovative new website, which allows consultants to book an entire trip in less than two minutes.

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Not to mention the countless incentives made available to Travel Agents including the chance to win trips to China, to Sri Lanka as well as a self-designed holiday.

Now the brand is reinforcing its commitment to consultants by giving them priority access to 2018/19 offers.

From now, Travel Agents will be able to exclusively offer their clients two offers: Partner Flies Free OR save 50 percent on Single Supplements.

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“We’ve developed a whole suite of marketing activity to help support the trade – and this double-pronged offer, with deals for both pairs and solo’s, should mean that every single enquiry can be converted to a booking.”

Andrew Mulholland, Wendy Wu Tours Managing Director Australia & New Zealand

“Remember, for every booking made online, Travel Agents will earn an additional $50-$130, on top of their commissions.”

Priority access is available until 21 September when it will open to the public.

Are changes at Wendy Wu Tours helping you sell?