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Tourism Australia It's Our Best Shot Campaign

How to smash your 2018 career goals in a few months

It all sounded fabulously flashy and super inspiring when you made your small talk with the hot guy who turned up unexpectedly at your friend's BBQ over the Festive season.

It all sounded fabulously flashy and super inspiring when you made your small talk with the hot guy who turned up unexpectedly at your friend’s BBQ over the Festive season.

I am guessing the conversation about your 2018 career goals went like this:

Him: “So what do you do?”

You: ”Oh I work in Travel”

Him: “Wow that sounds cool, where do you work? “Bet you get to go to great places and learn interesting things every day.”

You: “Yeah totally, I love my job I am at xxx company, I am probably going to spread my wings and work for XXX next year as well, experience more,  so you know.”

Him: “Wow, that’s cool, Goodluck. I’ll totally have to keep in touch!”


Ok, so before you ‘bump into him’ again,  let’s get this career refresh going on. 

Follow these 4 steps and you will be climbing the travel industry careers ladder in no time:


1. Decide what you want


It is so easy to get lost these days with the unlimited amount of opportunities available… I totally suggest sitting down with your friends over a vino and write a list of what YOU want and like.  

Be as choosy as you want, make sure you consider everything no matter how small the details. If working near the gym, career progression, six weeks annual leave or a fun team that drinks every Friday is important to you, write it down. I am not saying you will be offered something like this tomorrow but I DO promise… not only will you be a bit clearer, you will also manifest these things in your life. 

Make sure to write what you don’t want too.


2. Set some goals


This is where we can be creative… have a bit of fun. It doesn’t have to relate to work. As soon as you start achieving your goals, no matter how big or small, it becomes addictive. Maybe it is to lose one kilogram a week, or bring your lunch every day, hit the gym, limit your screen time, whatever.

Once you start seeing yourself smash some goals, no matter how big or small, your confidence will grow and you will be walking around like Elle Woods from ‘Legally Blonde’ in no time.


3. Seek a mentor


I know, it sounds daunting, but putting yourself out there isn’t as scary as it sounds. Our industry is full of super cool people who want to help. Start small if you like, by asking that one person you admire or always makes you feel like you can approach them.

Book a specific time and take them to coffee, it doesn’t have to be lengthy. Explain that you are wanting to further your career and would love any hot tips! If you a super shy and prefer a more structured approach, click here to check out.


4. Look the biz


I am assuming if you are reading this, you are already pretty savvy on the social side of things! As a reminder though, do a quick clean up of your social brand, ensuring to take any compromising (even if they are hilarious) pics from the weekend down. Put a smile on your dial professionally, make sure your LinkedIn profile is a good headshot.

Get applying and casting your nets within the industry, you are totally worthy of your dream role and we would love to help you achieve your goals. More from us to come in this arena!

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What are your 2018 career goals?