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Ready to kick start your travel career? Where could our industry take you?

Wondering where your current role could take you but not sure where to start? Having a plan and a strategy for the road ahead is your starting point to success.

Wondering where your current role could take you but not sure where to start? Having a plan and a strategy for the road ahead is your starting point to success.

As we all know, travel is a wonderful industry and the opportunities are literally endless.

The problem though for many of us – is finding the right opportunities for you personally.

Cos’ it really is all about ‘you’ right?

What we need to remember is that as our dynamic industry is ever evolving, so too are the positions. Which is the really cool bit.

Why not become a guide in the Antarctic?

Why not become a guide in the Antarctic?

Yes, of course, there are plenty of Travel Consultant jobs available as well as opportunities to become the next Business Development Manager, however, there is SO much more out there for you that the travel and hospitality industry can provide.

Don’t just think about the standard retail, corporate and wholesale travel gigs, but start dreaming about technology, inbound, luxury yachts and perhaps even trekking groups overseas too.

Ever dreamt of being the next brochure producer for African product, an event planner for weddings or a brand ambassador for an adventure company? These are the type of career opportunities that are available to people just like you in our industry.

Travel companies, of course, LOVE people from our own industry. We are passionate, adventurous, confident and ambitious so why shouldn’t we reach for the stars?


So how do you get these dream positions?

IN SHORT! You have to be in it to win it. If you never try, you won’t succeed.


Really think about what comes naturally to you. If you love people and enjoy a challenge, then sales may be your gig, if you are creative and highly organised, then you could be the next Jennifer Lopez from The Wedding Planner.

This is your life journey – so don’t kid yourself here and instead choose wisely, from the heart.


A good starting point is to think about your dream role(s) (literally – dream big here) and what you’d LOVE to do, not just what you THINK you SHOULD do.

Write it down – what does it look like? What skills would you need to get a role like? Who would you need to speak to for some advice? Who do you know that is in a role like that currently? Could you ask them about it? Or find out more online?

From here you can start to work backwards and think about the stepping stones and people you might need to help get you to your dream gig. This is your plan in action.

Travel leadership companies like TIME (Travel Industry Mentoring Program) for example, do an amazing job of matching mentees (that’s you!) with senior mentors to share advice and tips on reaching your goal. So reach out to them and see what they can do too.

Ask people you might know at work or friends of friends if you can pick their brains. No-one is going to mind you asking them and you’ll probably find they’ll be super keen to help you get to where you want to go.

So what are you waiting for? Good luck and bon voyage!

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Ready to get started? What tips can you share to help someone else move on up in travel?