Air France have just launched what they claim could be, the most cheeky and chic in-flight safety video ever.



Following on from the French National carrier’s recent uber hi-gloss ‘France is in the air’ TV campaign, they’ve gone and designed the perfect accessory to match – A trés chic Air France in-flight safety video.

Once the domain of the boring, the crass and the utterly un-entertaining, the safety video was of course brought into the new millennium thanks to Air New Zealand and Virgin America who have both led the way with their fantastic pre-flight videos that double up very neatly as effective branding opportunities.

This little fashion icon skips onto the runway with five stylishly dressed women walking us through the ensemble of do’s and don’ts in a highly stylised cabin.

The video runs for around 5 minutes and is hosted by a flight attendant who let’s us know that wearing a seatbelt will not only ensure your safety, but “will elegantly highlight your waistline”. Nice touch.

My favourite bit is the ‘no smoking in the toilets’ section, where all five women cheekily roll out of the toilet sporting a cigarette, e-cigarette, cigar and pipe. Who knows what else they were up to in there. “A no smoking flight, is simply chic” says the flight attendant.

Spoken in both English and French and with a poppy soundtrack guaranteed to get you swaying in your seat, it’s cute and sexy and whilst perhaps not quite a Lord of the Rings Epic, is a different and entertaining little ditty.

Hats off to Air France for giving us something and new.

Watch the France is in the air video

Do you like the Air France safety video?