Work anniversaries often come and go without so much of a thought, until that one active LinkedIn connection you met a two or three jobs ago sends through an automated ‘congratulations’ message.

It’s disappointing that long term commitment to a job can sometimes go under the radar, but such is life. Unless you work for Spencer Travel’s Founder, Penny Spencer, who really knows how to celebrate an anniversary.

The entrepreneur and finalist in the 2017 Telstra Business Women’s Awards, celebrated the recent 10 year anniversary of an employee with a diamond!

Belinda Ward joined Penny’s famous ‘Diamond Club’ this week when she received her one-carat, making her the eighth Spencer Travel employee to receive the sparkling gift.

Spencer Travel Belinda Ward receives Diamond

Ward said she was “thrilled” to have joined the Diamond Club, and not because it came with an expensive token, but because the job has allowed her to travel the world, work with a “dedicated and loyal team” and have fun in the office.

“I’ve loved these past 10 years working at Spencer Travel.”

Belinda Ward, Diamond Club’s newest member

“Penny is such a fantastic leader and always encourages us to travel when the opportunity arises.”

Spencer said 10 years is a “huge commitment to one company”, a commitment worthy of a diamond.

Spencer Travel Diamond Club

“The travel industry can be transient, so I wanted to put something in place that acknowledged the value of their loyalty,” she explained.

“I love diamonds, so the Diamond Club was born.

“I am thrilled that Belinda is the eighth wonderful member of that exclusive Club.”

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What did you receive for your last work anniversary?