A couple of months ago, Australians were losing practically half of their money when exchanging over to the US$, now they’re only 20 cents away from parity.

Our dollar slowly crept back up to 80US cents this week, making it the cheapest it has been since February 2015.

Although Australians won’t feel instantly rich when swapping their cash over to the US$ (not like when exchanging over to the Vietnamese Dong or the Thai Baht), they can rest assured knowing that their money will take them a little further on their travels, and not just in the United States.

Phil Sylvester from Travel Insurance Direct says there a number of places Aussies can head to right now to make the most of their money, including…




Fly over with All Nippon Airways, Japan Airlines or Qantas and spend days exploring the quirky streets of Tokyo, the never-ending retail in Osaka, the traditions in Kanazawa or the charm and nature of Kyushu. Or maybe you just went to spend a week eating the country’s delicious dishes.

Either way, now’s a good time to head on over to Japan because for one Aussie dollar you can get 88 Yen. With an exchange rate like that, people really do need to stop saying Japan is expensive.



Switzerland feature

Did you know Switzerland has four national languages? Or that the Swiss invented instant coffee?

There are so many incredible things you probably don’t know about Switzerland and now would be the ideal time to learn them.

Right now, $1 equals to around 77CHF, a massive rise from 69CHF in January 2015.

So join Heidi in picturesque villages where cheese is practically a dietary staple, the first climate neutral ship is being built and reconnecting with nature is as easy as stepping outside.



Singapore feature

We may not have access to those long-term Singapore visas yet, but we can still fly on over on Singapore Airlines and enjoy a Singaporean Sling or spend a couple of days on Sentosa Island and save!

One Australian dollar is currently equating to around 1.08 SGD – a total bargain right now and the best it has been in two-and-a-half years.


And finally, the United Kingdom

Whether you want to see some of the gorgeous sites Charlie Hunnam and Jude Law visited during the making of King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, or organise your own 007 tour, you best swap your money over to the Sterling now.

Aussies will get 60p for every dollar. Sterling has been as high as 62p in the past year, but you have to go back to 2013 until it was as good as it is now.

Planning any upcoming trips?