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PHILAUSOPHY: Did Tourism Australia Just Mirror New Zealand In Its Latest Ad?

Tourism Australia (TA) has released a sneak peek of it's new AU$38m 'PhilAUSophy' Campaign that will roll out in 15 key markets over the next three years.

Tourism Australia (TA) has released a sneak peek of it’s new AU$38m ‘PhilAUSophy’ Campaign that will roll out in 15 key markets over the next three years.

Following on from the uber-legendary ‘Dundee’ campaign, Tourism Australia’s latest campaign centres on the people, lifestyle and personality of Australia and the overall way of life overseas visitors find attractive.

TA says Australian culture, including our cheeky larrikin sensibility, will be the key themes aimed at travellers from all over the globe in the push to bring more holiday-goers to our shores.

Launching the campaign, Federal Tourism Minister Simon Birmingham says tourism is a vital part of our economy, and it’s important to continue finding new ways to sell ourselves overseas.

“In such a competitive global market, the sell is tougher than ever. We need to stand out from the crowd and find a unique selling point that sets us apart from our competitors.

“Philausophy aims to do this by not only encouraging people to book a flight to Australia and visit our incredible destinations but go a step further and actually immerse themselves in the best of the Australian way of life.”

Federal Tourism Minister Simon Birmingham

The question is, will we actually stand out from the crowd with this campaign? Or further stereotype ourselves with the usual cliché’s?



So what did you think? Are you feeling the ‘PhilAUSophy’ vibe and play on words? Or are you perhaps thinking “Not where the bloody hell are you again?”

Will anyone, anywhere in the world understand what ‘Philausophy’ means?

While the story of this launch video is told through tour guides and operators, what I got from our new ‘Come live our Philausophy’ video aside from Darren, the token eco-tour Aboriginal leader talking about connection to our land was mostly a load of “G’Day’s” from Aussie Caucasians, some Koala’s, Wombats, Kangaroos, saturated outback drone shots and the usual references to our “backyard”.

It all feels very safe, bland and clichéd I’m disappointed to say. More 2006 than 2019?

Perhaps ScoMo signed off the campaign? He was, after all, the maestro behind the ill-fated “Where the bloody hell are you” campaign back in the day.

What would have been great to see would be more of an everyday mix of Australian’s and the deeper, edgier celebration of diversity and culture we’re all truly proud of rather than just the seemingly surface and cheesy stuff.

Surely that’s a more genuine collective sense of who we are as Australians and our way of life?


For me, it’s a weak follow up to the legendary Crocodile Dundee and Chris Hemsworth and co. Blockbuster which was ABSOLUTE GENIUS.

By comparison, it’s worth noting that our neighbours Tourism New Zealand (TNZ) has done a phenomenal job in recent years of telling a powerfully integrated story of Maori culture and heritage and the ‘Kia ora’ spirit which welcomes all visitors as Whanau (family).

Watch this video below, and I’m pretty sure you’ll feel something… Which is what great storytelling is all about – evoking feelings.

Most recently, TNZ’s ‘100% Pure Welcome’ and  ‘Good Morning World’ campaign which features a new video starring locals in it every day for 365 days (they’re currently at day 138) has shone unique spotlights on people and place all over New Zealand in a most original and meaningful way.

Speaking at the campaign launch in June, Tourism New Zealand General Manager Australia, Andrew Waddell said;

“This kind of storytelling is a way of connecting yourself to people and place but is also the Maori cultural way of connecting with others. We want you to leave with a deep-rooted sense of connection whenever you visit New Zealand.”

“We know that our visitors come for the landscapes and our unique natural beauty, but they leave as family thanks to the warm embrace they feel from the people. That’s the story of our 100% Pure Welcome.”

Tourism New Zealand General Manager Australia, Andrew Waddell

I can’t help feeling that this latest Tourism Australia campaign is a far less authentic and dare I say it, lamer version of Tourism New Zealand’s recent approach.

Federal Tourism Minister Simon Birmingham says: “We know the unique nature of Australia combined with the welcoming and fun-loving nature of Australians sets us apart, and it is this combination that will form a powerful platform for our next wave of exciting new campaigns,

“At its core, Philausophy, is about giving travellers from around the world a taste of what makes Australia such an enjoyable destination by shining a spotlight on the people, lifestyle and personality that make Australian experiences so memorable.”

This is, of course, only the launch video (And I’m not the audience they are trying to attract either), so let’s hope TA bring that insight to life in far more exciting and diversely unique ways than this first piece of content.

But remember this. Advertising is never about showing the world how clever you are as a creative working in an ad agency. It’s about making the product the hero, not you.

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