Airfares Mastermind Required

Do you specialise in Airfares as a Travel Consultant? If so we have the support role you are looking for; apply now and see where it can take you!

  • Calypso genius? Yes
  • Airfares specialist? Yes
  • Chasing a back office support role? Yes

Apply now and wing into the perfect airfares support role on offer. You will be the backbone of the business making sure that airline rules are updated, adhered to and wholesale agents are able to work at their utmost best.

Support is the key to success and your ability to communicate, problem solve and knack to go through information with a fine tooth comb is essential. You will be paid generously as you are the secret to this company’s success; sales is not your focus, but unfaltering support to salespeople is!

Your team includes members who love and take pride in their career. Your Team leader is positive and supportive and loves their job, so if you are like most people; tired of working with team members moaning all day, this is the team for you!!

Must haves

  • Galileo and/or Calypso
  • Airfares knowledge and experience
  • Inquisitive mind
  • Exceptional communication skills
  • Calm, persistent and flexible in high pressure situations
  • Detail orientated
  • Team player

If you are keen for a chance to move away from sales and where customer service is your main focus please apply today to see if you have what it takes to be consider for this fantastic travel position.

Send resumes to [email protected] to see if you are successful to be shortlist for an interview.