They’re the natural born leaders of the zodiac, the charmers at the recent FC Global Gathering in Singapore, and they’re probably the ones calling for another round of shots at the bar!

Of course, we’re talking about Leo Travel Agents here, and boy could we go on forever talking about them!

Being a fire sign (like Aries), Leos love life and all its many experiences – especially travel – which is why it’s quite natural for them to be drawn to the travel industry.

But combine that natural enthusiasm for exploring new countries and different cultures with excellent communications skills (they’re probably Peacocks in Flight Centre bird type terminology – do you know what you are?), plus a hefty dose of persuasiveness and confidence, and what you have on your hands is sales superstar, i.e, the ultimate Travel Agent.

Leo Travel Agents are very creative, and are able to come up with interesting solutions to pressing problems, such as how to survive a Buzz night without being hungover the next day! No, but in all seriousness, these travel agents are very quick minded, and they’re able to handle common objections to their sales process in lightning speed – like the reflexes of a cat (well, they are lions after all).


You can also count on them to come up with new marketing ideas, and ways of reaching out to more customers. They’re probably the Travel Agents talking about how Pokemon can help the store sell more travel right about now…

As natural leaders, you’re most likely to find Leo Travel Agents in leadership roles, either as the TL or FTL in the Flight Centre world, or as store managers in other travel retail environments. If they are not, then managers of these Leo Travel Agents should allow them some degree of independence to work under to own systems and processes.

However, all zodiac signs have their share of positive and negative traits, and Leo Travel Agents are of course no exception.

As they are ruled by the Sun, Leo Travel Agents operate more from their ego than other star signs, which will drive them to fulfill their own needs often at the expense of others. Indeed, Leos are often criticised for being selfish and egotistical. If they want to ensure a smooth working environment they need to be prepared to compromise and put other people’s needs first from time to time.


However, this isn’t to say that Leos aren’t generous with their time and energy. In fact, Leo Travel Agents are some of the most generous and kind souls in the zodiac, as long as they are getting their needs meet in some way.

Also, sometimes Leo Travel Agents can take their natural confidence a little too far, and come away looking arrogant. They need to tone down their boasting from time to time and practice being more humble.

Finally, because of their active minds, they run the risk of spreading their energies all over the place and not completing things they’ve started, such as following up with a client they consulted weeks ago. They could therefore benefit from someone holding them to account to make sure they stay on track and finish what they start.

Strengths: Confident, persuasive, natural leader, excellent communication skills, generous, loyal.

Weaknesses: Arrogant, selfish, scatter-brained, impatient.

Travel companies that are probably Leo: Virgin, Contiki, Flight Centre.

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Did we perfectly capture the essence of a Leo Travel Agent?