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Welcome to the Golden State… the only place in the world where you can dine with celebrities in West Hollywood, sunbake on white sand in Malibu and then ski down fresh snow on a mountain high… all in a single day.

California is, of course, also the home of Hollywood and modern-day technology in Silicon Valley (hello Apple and Google) and it’s where thousands of Australians visit for good times aplenty every single year.

It features some of the coolest cities and best theme and National parks in the United States and is where KARRYON is taking you with flight, hotel, food and drink and destination tips as well as the latest trends and much more.

Did you know that California is nearly half the size of New South Wales yet has more than five times the population? Despite being the third largest state in the USA, it’s one of the easiest to experience by road with a minimum drive time of eight-hours between San Diego in the south and San Francisco in the north.

It’s a stunningly beautiful state, perfect for road-tripping the famous ‘Big Sur’ (the longest and most scenic stretch of undeveloped coastline in the U.S) and exploring the Redwood forests in the north, then down to the Bay area of San Francisco, Malibu and on to San Diego which sits virtually on the Mexican border.

Thanks to a strong migrant population, travellers within the state can encounter nearly 220 languages and try a diverse range of culinary delights ranging from Mexican to Persian, Greek, Armenian and Japanese.

Although you might suspect acting to be a popular career across California, it’s actually where you’re more likely to meet an app developer or aerospace engineer.

Whatever you’re into, as their video says… In California you can ‘Live the dream’.