Travel Agent Astrology: Calling all Virgos...

Reliable, intelligent, modest; but also inflexible, reserved and worrisome – do these adjective describe you to a tee? If so, then you’re probably a Virgo Travel Agent…

Reliable, intelligent, modest; but also inflexible, reserved and worrisome – do these adjective describe you to a tee? If so, then you’re probably a Virgo Travel Agent…

As the sun dances its way into Virgo for its annual holiday, KarryOn is putting on its astrological glasses once again and looking to the stars for answers.

The question? What are Virgo Travel Agents all about? And why are they so often found in the Travel Industry?

Read on to find out…


Travel Agents born under the sign of Virgo (the sixth sign of the Zodiac) are extremely independent souls, preferring to do things their own way and to have as much control over their lives as possible – they hate relying on other people to get things done!

For this reason it wouldn’t be surprising to find Virgos working as their own bosses in the capacity of a Mobile Travel Agent with MTA, Travel Counsellors, or TravelManagers.

But that isn’t to say that Virgos don’t mesh easily in an office environment with other Travel Agents. Virgos are excellent co-workers and are very, very loyal to their team, and you’ll often find them working hard in the background to ensure that the whole office does well.

Intelligence and a keen eye for detail seems to come naturally to Virgo Travel Agents, and they are known around the office for being methodical, analytical, and perfectionistic.


Indeed, they’re are often classified as “owls” in FC Bird Type speak, and somehow just know all the T&Cs of sale offers, TTL dates, and waivers in the fare rules. Noice!

They also keep a pretty tight ship when it comes to their desk. Clean, organised, and with everything in its place, a Virgo Travel Agent’s desk will be the envy of the office! Contrast that with how an Aries or Leo Travel Agent keeps their desk – eww…

Finally, Virgos are exceptional communicators, and excel in any kind of sales role. But what makes them a cut above your stock-standard salesman or woman, is their integrity.

Virgo Travel Agents earn the respect and praise of their clients, and are able to build a customer database so huge that it could sink the Titanic, without recourse to sleazy sales tactics or pressure selling. Ultimately they will only offer what’s suitable to the client, and it’s this reputation for honest selling that keeps customers coming back again, again, and again.

But, just as with every other star sign, Virgos have a dark side and their own share of negative qualities that they’ll need to try to keep in check.


First off, Virgo Travel Agents aren’t exactly the most flexible and adaptive of souls. Once they have a system in place for getting things done, it’s hard for them to change things around. They could learn a whole lot from the more adaptable Pisces.

Virgos also tend to think and analyse a lot, and although this can be a good thing in certain aspects of their work and life, too much of anything begins to tear at your seems. They are especially prone to worry about things that ultimately they have no control over, and are unfortunately their own worst critic.

Indeed, although they may appear calm and in control on the surface, odds are that deep down they are anxious and trying to hold it all together. Advice here is to stop thinking that everything needs to be perfect, and admit that sometimes you simply don’t know what to do.

It wouldn’t be the end of the world…!

Strengths: Intelligent, analytical, independent, organised, attention to detail, loyal

Weaknesses: Anxiety prone, worrier, perfectionistic, inflexible

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