2017, was the year that a multi-billion dollar entrepreneur who claims his hair is real and promises to build physical barriers between people, became President of one of the world’s most influential countries.

It was the year, that same man made travel history by turning his back on a long negotiated travel agreement with Cuba, attempting (on several occasions) to prevent people of select nationalities from visiting his country, banning electronic devices on planes, stepping in as an unofficial Guam tourism minister and deepening discontent between Israelis and Palestinians on a single day.

It was also the year that the number of people displaced due to conflict reached new records and we here in the Australian travel industry, mourned the loss of one of our own.

Although there was much to grieve over in the last 12 months, there was also a number of wins including the ongoing kindness of Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Australia’s move to embrace marriage equality, and the travel industry’s strong stance against animal cruelty, pollution and orphanage tourism.

It was also the year Australia set out to break aviation records with the arrival of an aircraft capable of connecting Perth direct to Europe.

I could keep going or I could just tell you which 10 stories will go down in travel history as the ones KarryOn readers most read in 2017:


It was the year Student Flights got unlimited leave…

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2. The year Qantas & Flight Centre stood up for marriage equality

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3. And the year the Outgoing Passenger Card was phased out

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4. It was the ground-breaking year orphanage tourism was outlawed

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5. Uniworld cruised into the millennial market with U by Uniworld

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6. And Qantas received an aircraft capable of connecting Aussies direct to London

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7. It was the year the NTIAs rocked with Ricki Lee


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8. And the year Flight Centre bought a home-based agency

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9. As did Helloworld Travel

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10. And, finally, it was the year everyone drooled over Samoa Tourism’s hot campaign model

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What made history for you in 2017?